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smARTist®Telesummit Affiliate Program

Sign Up, Share and Earn Money too!

It always amazes me when artists spontaneously spread the word about the smARTist® Telesummit. So now, with this affiliate program, your natural generosity can return to you.

It's really easy, and it puts both your website and your email to work for you.

Here's How It Works

  1. You sign up and receive your special affiliate number and affiliate link (aka: URL).
    Directions are below under HOW DO I GET STARTED?
  2. You promote the Telesummit by using your affiliate link in emails, on your website, and your blog. Every time someone clicks this link, it is tracked in our system. Once that person buys a product or registers for an event, you will recieve a commission.
  3. You can format your affiliate link in 3 ways:

    • With one of our poster options
    • With one of our text options
    • By creating a snipURL**

      **Once you have your affiliate link, you can also use it 'as is' without trying to embed it behind either text or a poster. The snipURL is a free web service that shortens your affiliate link so you can use it 'as is,' only with fewer characters. Try it and see what you think.

      Note: You will need to know how to add your affiliate link to your emails, blog or website - or find appropriate help - because we do not have technical support to do this for you.
  4. When "your" visitor makes a purchase, you earn a 25% commission on each telesummit order, no matter which level. OR, when you register for the live smARTist® Telesummit in January of each year, then your commission jumps to the Participant Level of 35%!
  5. Your visitor gets some of the best art career advice available, and you receive a commission check once you reach $75.00 or more!

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Read and review our terms of service
  2. Sign up online and we'll email your Affiliate Link to you. Be sure to add us to your email address book so your information doesn’t end up in your spam/junk folder:
  3. Use your Affiliate Link on your website, blog and email by embedding it in one of our convenient posters & text. (Some email systems do not let you 'hide' a link behind plain text. In that case, you can use the link in your emails just as it is sent to you.)