Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “telesummit?”

A telesummit is similar to a conference phone call, where two or more people can be on the same phone line at the same time, except it includes communication support online via the Internet (websites and email).

Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people can all listen to one or more presenters at the same time over what’s called a telephone ‘bridge’ line.

No traveling. No waiting in line. No hotel, transportation, or meals costs.

Instead of attending a conference in person, you can listen and learn from the comfort of your favorite place in your home or studio.

Where will the telesummit be held?

Each expert will be speaking to you on a telephone located in their home or office while you listen to them from your home, office, or studio.

This allows for quiet, focused, uninterrupted learning time from anywhere in the world.

For added comfort and hands free, you can use a telephone headset, available at most electronic stores that sell telephones and peripheral devices.

When is the smARTist Telesummit 2008?

The art-career conference runs a total of 7 days with 15 sessions:

January 17 & 18 — 2 Panel Discussions
Thursday & Friday — 1:30-3 p.m. ET

January 21–25 — 13 Keynote Presentations
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Tuesday & Thursday

How will I know where to call?

Once you register, you receive an email with a link to a password protected website where you create your own unique login username and password. This is where we will post the phone number to call.

If I am in a different time zone from Eastern Standard (New York), how will I know what time to call?

Our event calendar will be available in different time zones.

In case the calendar is not set in your time zone, we will provide a link to a World Clock where you can calculate the difference between your time zone and Eastern Standard (New York) time.

Can I ask questions during the presentations?

We are expecting the telesummit to fill up this year, which means there could be several hundred artists listening in at the same time.

This makes individual questions, with overlapping voices, a bit tricky. Depending on the speaker, some will opt to try live questions. Others will accept your questions via email, both ahead of the presentation and during the presentation.

Each speaker will answer as many questions as their time allows on a first come/first serve basis.

Once you register, you will have access to an email address for your questions.

Will I need to record the sessions?

You are welcome to record the sessions, but it’s not necessary because we will be recording and uploading each session, every day.

If you do record, please understand that this is for your personal use only. We are all on the honor system here. It would be unfair to copy or distribute these recordings without our permission. Understandably, this conference represents hundreds and hundreds of hours of work by the small smARTist team of six.

Do I have to take notes?

All of the experts will have detailed handouts for you, so No, you won’t have to take notes. However, writing down information helps create a ‘sticky’ factor for our brains, so you may want to anyway.

Also, if you choose the Platinum package, you get complete transcripts of each presentation plus the panel discussions.

What if I have to work during the conference, or miss a session?

We will record every session and upload an audio file to our website at the end of each day. These audio recordings will be available for 30 days after the conference is over. If at any time after the 30 days, you need to access the download links again, all you have to do is email us a request.

You will never miss a single idea to move your art career forward just because you can’t attend a particular session, or day, or even the whole conference. Ahhhh…technology!

Are there extra long distance telephone charges?

There are no extra telephone fees for the conference. However, your own long distance phone charges will apply.

Some artists have found that a pre-paid phone card gives you the best price.

Once you register, we will make information available about a long distance phone carrier — for your land line — that charges a flat .299 cents a minute with no minimum fees or minutes.

I have a computer phone. Can I use it?

Unfortunately, the technology for computer phones is not advanced enough to support accessing a telephone bridgeline. So, no, a computer phone will not work.

I have a cell phone. Can I use it? Or a calling card?

There have also been difficulties reported with cell phones and calling cards, so we recommend using a landline for the best listening quality.

But if a cell phone is absolutely your only choice, then by all means give it a try. You can also skip the live sessions and wait for the recordings to be uploaded to our website at the end of each day.

How can I pay to attend the live event?

Online, we accept credit cards (Master/Visa) and Paypal.

If you wish to pay by check that option will show up on the checkout page. Your check will have to clear before we can send you password access to the “Inside Resource” web pages.

Do you offer installments?

You have 2 payment options: a single payment or 2 equal payments 30 days apart. See the price chart for details.

Does everyone get access to the Bonus Basket?

Absolutely, no matter which package you choose — Platinum, Gold or Silver — the bonus basket is yours, all $665 worth!

What if I’m not happy with some of the presentations?

One of the reasons we go to great lengths to get so many keynote speakers (13!), is to give the widest range possible for art career information that will help most artists, most of the time.

It’s very possible, with so much information, that one or two of the 15 presentations might not be exactly what you need. But we’re willing to bet that there will be so much you can use, that one or two won’t make a significant difference in the overall value of this conference.

However, our ‘Time Machine Guarantee’ stands. We will turn back the clock and pay you back every penny if you put the ideas to work but find that you are still not super happy.

Is the telesummit material only for emerging artists?

Goodness no.

Last year we had a wide range of career experience, from emerging to “arrived” to outsider artists. And the feedback they sent us indicated that the telesummit information was helpful across the career spectrum.

Obviously, as an artist, I am a visual learner. Will the telephone/audio format still be a good option for me?

Oh…good question, and not as straight forward as we might think.

It turns out that, even though we each have a learning preference (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic), it’s not a question of either/or.

Take me (Ariane) as an example. I am most at home taking in information from the external world in a visual format (hey — why do you think I love working with artists so much!). But the auditory focus of a telephone, or CD in the car, works very well for me because I am so visual. When I listen on the phone, I do not have visual distractions and so I pay better attention.

However, even for those who find auditory information challenging, if you buy the Platinum package, you get a written transcript of all 15 sessions!

And don’t forget the handouts. Last year, the handouts were stunningly detailed.

Speaking of handouts, what are these?

Each keynote expert at the smARTist Telesummit prepares a handout to go with each presentation. These are written materials you access via a website link we will send you in an email. The link opens the handouts, in PDF, so you can print, read, highlight, and doodle on them… Whatever helps you learn best, right?

Speaking of handouts, what else do I get?

You get the equivalent of 13 Keynote Speakers, for the price of one conference. You get all the advice and strategies you can use for the next year from successful artists and experts in business, marketing, organization, time, and art careers.

You get a full-out, immersion art-career course that you can listen to live, ask the experts your most perplexing questions, then return and listen to the recordings as many times as you want.

You get to engage with other artists on a community forum where you can ask questions, get help, share information and strategies.

If you sign up for the Gold package, you also get a full set of CDs, and we pay for shipping!

If you sign up for the Platinum package, you get the CDs, plus complete written transcripts for all 15 sessions, AND a 2-week workbook guide and coaching program — “Stay-on-Track” — to help you make sense, and take action, on all you have learned.

This is the art-career conference to beat all art-career conferences. In fact, it is the only art career conference online or off!

And the smARTist Telesummit only happens once a year.

Remember, seating is limited to keep the sound quality high on the phone lines.

So I urge you to register now, before it’s sold out.

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